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Teacher Grants

Teacher Innovation Grants

In an effort to expand the opportunity for teachers, The Foundation for The Bethlehem Area School District provides opportunities for funding to support innovative and service-learning projects.  Each year, The Foundation provides $25,000 to support various projects and programs developed by teachers.


Teacher Innovation Grants are available to Bethlehem Area School District teachers to implement an innovative project, initiative, teaching strategy, technology application or other effort providing measurable educational outcomes for students. The purpose of this grant program is to enhance student learning and student interest in learning by providing educators an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop their ideas, partner with colleagues and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within the district and the community. 2018/2019 Teacher Innovation Grant Projects

Service-learning Grants are available to Bethlehem Area School District teachers to implement high-quality service-learning projects. Service-learning is a teaching strategy that connects classroom curriculum with service projects that engage students socially, civically and academically. A high-quality service-learning experience combines meaningful service with in-depth learning. Service-learning begins with classroom content and moves into the community through the planning and implementation of a service-project. 2108/2019 Service Learning Grant Projects