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Our Leaders of Tomorrow Grants funds projects at all sixteen Bethlehem Area School District’s elementary schools that enhance the school environment, stand to benefit as many children within the building as possible, and fall outside those items typically funded by the District. Projects are proposed by schools’ Leaders of Tomorrow, a select group of Leaders in Me Students, from each elementary school tasked with putting forward 2 to 3 ideas.

2021/2022 Student Grant Recipients

“Updated Recess Equipment,” – Asa Packer Elementary School, Brooke Moeller and Liz Story

Description: The purpose of this project is to update old and damaged recess equipment and to provide a new Leader in Me Student Leadership Position. All students will benefit from the new equipment that encourages a community of teamwork and cooperation across all grade levels.

“Pollinator Pathway,” – Clearview Elementary School, Jacob Molchany

Description: The Pollinator Pathway will beautify the school by planting flowers and other plants that attract bees and hummingbirds. The Pollinator Pathway will teach students about the importance of gardening and protecting nature through the use of identification labels. Through the use of native plants, students will learn more about the pollination process to study plants and animals within the school’s neighborhood.

“Positive Behavior Incentive Store,” – Fountain Hill Elementary School, Morgan Dell

Description: The Student Lighthouse Leadership Team found there is a great need for students modeling positive behavior to be recognized for their leadership in their school. To recognize these students, there is a plan to implement a reward store that uses “Tiger Tickets” to purchase items to enhance the students’ focus and academic experience.

“Sensory Pathways for Success,” – Farmersville Elementary School, Danielle Jackson

Description: The purpose of Sensory Pathways for Success is to provide students with the opportunity for brain breaks, refocus during transitions, and time for physical activity. This project will be used as a tool to help students regulate their emotions to help get them back in control of their bodies and ready to learn. The wall and floor decals will create sensory hallways to use everyday throughout the school day, as needed.

“Recess Fun For All,” – Governor Wolf Elementary School, Jeff Meila

Description: The students want to purchase playground equipment, yard games, and an outdoor storage bin. There is currently no school provided playground equipment for recess, so this grant will enhance the activities available during recess.

“Outdoor Tables/Games,” – Hanover Elementary School, Maria Fenstermacher

Description: Students are able to utilize tables during recess time for board games, socializing, drawing, etc.. Teachers may use the area as a reward for outdoor lunches under supervision. This project allows students to enjoy recess in a new way.

“STEAM Carts,” – James Buchanan Elementary School, Megan Terry and Alison LaPointe

Description: The STEAM carts will provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and invent as they engage in various activities. These STEAM carts will synergize students with one another to foster relationships and cooperative learning skills. Carts can be used anytime during the school day, including indoor recess time. 

“New Outdoor Recess Equipment,” – Lincoln Elementary School, Lori Rusack and LeeAnn Court

Description: New equipment will provide options, fun, and exposure to new activities for the entire student body. In order to facilitate a community where synergy is encouraged, the students chose a project from which all students will benefit. 

“Recess Storage Bench with New Toys,” – Marvine Elementary School, Jenna Husovsky

Description: Having an outside storage bench for recess toys will provide a place to keep materials safe when not in use. This grant is providing new activities including dodgeballs, flying discs, toss games while providing safety features like locks with codes and keys. 

“Television for Cafeteria and Speaker,” – Miller Heights Elementary School, Laurie Gleghorn

Description: A SMART TV will be installed in the cafeteria for all students to see. The TV will be used for important school announcements, slideshows for presentations by students and staff, and entertainment during lunchtime and extracurricular activities.

“Diversity Library and Resources,” – Spring Garden Elementary School, Nicole Spirk

Description: Students want to purchase books, posters, and resources to help diversify the school’s library. By focusing on science, technology, and history, students will learn about important heroes that are currently not available in their library. This will also provide a more authentic representation with their resources. 

“Bathroom Inspiration,” – Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Courtney Weikert and Greer Hockemeier

Description: To promote school wide positivity, the bathrooms are going to be transformed and beautified. There will be positive messages put on the walls and mirrors through the use of Cricut cutting machines and its accessories. There will be messages and school mottos throughout the hallways to promote school spirit.