To our BASD community:

Like all of you, our schools have faced many challenges over the last few months in adapting to the new reality that the Coronavirus has created for our communities.

We at The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District are dedicated to helping.

The school district closed its doors on March 13, turning our educational model upside down overnight, and requiring our teachers and students to quickly shift to teaching and learning in new ways. Just last week, Gov. Wolf said he expects schools will look and feel different when they reopen in the fall – and that distance learning will remain an important part of safely educating students.

That means remote learning was a necessity. To help build a solid foundation for this new way of learning, The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District recently voted to award a $42,500 grant to the Bethlehem Area School District to help support this need by establishing, in partnership with the district, the BASD Wi-Fi for All initiative.

This grant has already helped the district begin to address some of its immediate technology needs, including purchasing hotspots to support virtual learning for students.

But more is needed, and The Foundation is continuing to work closely with the district to determine how we, and you, our donors, can best support our schools.

Our goal is to raise $300,000 over the next few months to prepare for whatever lies ahead.

To support the Bethlehem Area School District, the growth of the BASD Wi-Fi for All initiative and any future Bethlehem Area School District needs due to the pandemic, The Foundation is asking for community corporate partners and individuals to help us raise the money needed to ensure that our schools and students are ready for the start of the 2020-21 school year.

These are difficult times, but together, I believe we can rise to the challenge and continue to support our students with enhanced educational programs and initiatives.

Thank you to all our donors and supporters. We could not do this without you.

Jennifer Ceneviva, board president, The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District#BASDproud parent and alumna