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George B. Yasso Memorial Fund

The George B. Yasso Memorial Fund was established by the friends and family of George B. Yasso following his premature death in November of 2003 at the age of 52.  George’s death came as a shock and surprise to many people in the Lehigh Valley, including, in particular, the Lehigh Valley youth sports community; much of George’s adult life was spent working with and for kids, particularly in the area of youth basketball and the Hurricane Basketball Club, a program benefitting kids primarily within the greater Bethlehem area.

The outpouring of sorrow, sympathy, and concern for George and his family was both remarkable and gratifying.  As a result, the Yasso family and George’s close friends decided that it would be appropriate to do something to honor George’s memory and accomplishments and continue his work and passion for helping kids develop the life skills that he embodied  —  leadership, determination, tenacity, work ethic, loyalty, and dedication  —  not just in sports, but in other areas as well.

To that end, the George B. Yasso Memorial Fund was established in partnerships with the Bethlehem Area Education Foundation (The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District).  Each year scholarships are awarded to the Bethlehem Area high school seniors who exemplify the qualities and character that George embodied, valued and taught to so many kids during his all too brief lifetime.