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Field trips make the curriculum come alive for students. These field trips were established for all fourth and fifth grade students to learn more about their community. Fifth graders travel to the Bethlehem Steel Stacks and fourth graders travel to the Freemansburg Canal Education Center. The interaction among students, teachers, and organizations so closely associated with the past and present of the city will promote a “common bond” among diverse populations of Bethlehem.

Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of Bethlehem’s historical significance, especially as it relates to America’s Industrial Era, while applying reading and writing strategies to high-interest topics. The Forging History and Community in Bethlehem field trips develop students’ pride in their community and apply knowledge of their community to future learning.

Forging History and Community in Bethlehem serves the grade-level focus on American History as well as the economic and social development of the nation and region. By providing a powerful, local illustration of academic concepts, students will be able to apply an understanding of class content in a meaningful way.

Field Trips:

  • The three-hour virtual field trip title, Forging History and Community – Tales of the Towpath provides BASD 4th graders with an interactive live streaming educational experience with
    staff from the D&L Heritage Museum and Education Center.
  • The Bethlehem Steel Tour will take BASD 5th graders to the Steel Stacks Campus to reinforce class concepts related to our nation’s/city’s industrial heritage as well as instill a new generation’s pride in their city.