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NORTHEAST is a student-centered school, where children grow in an environment supportive of learning and exploration. Each teacher has the responsibility to guide students in a variety of learning experiences, classes and activities.

These are our goals for our students:

  • to build positive self-concepts and respect;
  • to provide opportunities for a wide range of educational and social experiences;
  • to provide opportunities for each student to master basic skills and to develop aesthetic and moral values;
  • to provide students with skills that enable them to study effectively;
  • to provide an educational atmosphere which students experience as supportive and safe;
  • to provide an atmosphere in which concern for the student is as evident as concern for the subject matter.


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. Research shows that a student is most successful at school when his parent/guardian is actively involved in supporting the school’s academic and activity programs, attending school events, keeping aware of and encouraging the completion of homework and projects in a timely manner and communicating directly with teachers.

In other words, the more parents are involved with the middle school child and his school, the greater the student’s performance is likely to improve. We welcome your involvement!

Become an active part of our school community by joining our Northeast Parent & Teacher Organization (NEPTO). Their first meeting date is September 12, 2018 at 6 PM in our cafeteria. Our Open House is 9/6/18 at 6:30 PM.

I look forward to meeting each of you and having your child gain great experiences at Northeast Middle School.

Joseph G. Rahs, Jr., Principal


Academic Standards Northeast is a standards-based school with highly qualified teachers who lead our students to achieve annual yearly progress [AYP] in academic subjects and encore subjects, as well as participate in athletic activities and the arts.

In order to participate in an extracurricular activity, a student must meet specific standards in academic courses, and in citizenship, during the previous grading period. In cases where a student’s performance in any preceding grading period does not meet the standards as presented above, such students shall be on probation fifteen days of the next grading period. If the eligibility standard is not attained, the participant will be ineligible for the activity for the remainder of the quarter. In the case of athletic teams and music organizations, students may attend practice but not compete or perform. Eligibility sheets, indicating the names of all ineligible participants on a varsity team (basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, cross country, and field hockey) shall be completed by teachers.

Administrative Offices are located as follows:The Principal and Assistant Principal are located in the Main Office at the second floor entrance. The Student Services Office that houses the guidance counselors and attendance secretary is located on the ground floor, at the bottom of the steps.

After-School Programs are one to ten weeks in length. The programs run after school. Parents must register students. All programs will be announced during the school year.

Arrival Procedures Students arriving prior to 8:05 AM will not enter the building until directed to do so by a teacher or an administrator.

Students walking to school are expected to proceed directly to Northeast Middle School and to utilize pavement/sidewalk areas and avoid walking on private lawn areas/roadways. Roadways should be crossed only at designated or patrolled crossing areas.

Beginning at 8:05 AM, all students must enter the building through the designated entrances supervised by teachers. Sixth grade students will enter using the lower ground-level Stairwell B on Fernwood Street or behind the school off Minsi Trail Street.   Seventh grade students will enter using the side entrance at the parking lot by the cafeteria and band room. Eighth grade students will enter on the second level main entrance in front of the school on Fernwood Street. Students must report directly to their lockers, proceed to homeroom, and be seated in their assigned area in homeroom by 8:13 AM.

Late Arrivals Students who arrive at school during homeroom period should report to the Student Services Office for a late pass. If a student’s reason for arriving late is determined as unacceptable by the secretary he/she will be referred to an administrator for appropriate action under the guidelines established for “promptness to class” in the Student Code of Conduct.

Students who arrive after homeroom period due to a medical appointment or other urgent reason(s) must first report to the Student Services Office. A written excuse signed by a parent, guardian, or doctor will be required including the: name of the student, date and time of the late arrival, and reason for the late arrival.

Failure to present an appropriate excuse after arriving late will result in the student being declared tardy.

Attendance Attending school regularly is an expectation for success. Our goal is for all students to achieve 95% attendance. Student attendance is required 8:05 AM – 3:05 PM each day. When absent, an excuse signed by a parent or doctor note, must be brought to the homeroom teacher when the student returns to school. Students who are absent from school may not attend or participate in a practice, contest, dance, athletic event, performance or any school district event as a participant or as a spectator, on the day of the absence.

Attendance/Vacation/Special Events Policy Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule family vacations with the School District Calendar and major assessments in mind to ensure that students attend school a maximum number of days.

BASD policy permits middle school students to take only two (2) educational trips, not to exceed a total of 10 days in three years. Each educational trip may not exceed five (5) days.

Requests by parents to have their children excused from school for educational/vacation trips must be evaluated under the authority of Regulations of the State Board of Education, Chapter 11, Pupil Attendance, Section 11.26 “Educational Tours and Trips, not School Sponsored.”

The “Application for Permission for Student Excusal Due To An Educational Trip or Tour” must be received by the Main Office ten (10) days prior to the first day of absence, and must be approved by an administrator and then referred to the superintendent or his designee for final permission.

Permission will not be granted for trip/tours during the Middle School’s or State Department of Education’s testing programs. See tentative dates on calendar.

If the student is excused from school, the student will still be expected to make up work missed while absent.

Bikes Students may ride bicycles to school and are expected to know general rules of safety.   Bicycles are to be locked only in the racks provided for them with a lock provided by the student . The bike rack is located at the side entrance by the cafeteria and band room.   However, the school cannot be responsible for any damage or thefts incurred to bicycles on school property.

Book Covers
All textbooks must be covered without damaging the book. Help your child cover all textbooks. Paper bags work well.


Breakfast Student breakfast is available to be purchased every regular school day at 7:40 AM in the Northeast cafeteria. Breakfast costs $1.85 or $.30 for students who qualify for the reduced price..


Buses Riding the bus is a privilege. Please discuss appropriate bus conduct with your child. Bus misbehaviors are a Code of Conduct violation and may cause your child to lose his/her bus privilege.


Calendar See updated events on our website at:



Cell phones  A student’s cell phone must be secured and turned off during the school day. During school hours and during participation in

school – sponsored activities, students are PROHIBITED from receiving and/or transmitting voice messages or text messages as well as activating any other function without prior authorization from an adult authority. The School District assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen cell phones. Cell phones may be confiscated as an unauthorized item whenever seen by an adult and may not be returned to the child. The parent may be required to pick up the confiscated phone in the Student Services Office.


Coaches’/Advisors’ Standards Various rules and regulations may be added by the coach or advisor with the approval of the principal. Guidelines listed in the middle school coaches handbook will be followed along with the PIAA rules.


Students who participate in the extracurricular program must keep good sportsmanship in mind. They are always in the public eye and their personal conduct will always be subject to the scrutiny of other students, fans, and opponents. Students have an obligation to serve as positive role models for others by demonstrating the following:




  • showing respect for authority and property
  • maintaining academic eligibility and following rules
  • emphasizing the ideals of sportsmanship, loyalty, ethical conduct, and fair play;
  • understanding that trying one’s personal best is important in every facet of life.


Any display of unsportsmanlike behavior toward an opponent, official, or spectator during the season may result in discretionary discipline by the coach and possible suspension/termination from that activity.


Computer Usage: Computers are available for students’ educational use in classrooms and the library. All students must realize use of the computers and internet are privileges that need to be taken seriously. Please refer to the Student Technology Usage Guide in the Bethlehem Area School District Student Code of Conduct


Counselors: Three counselors are available for consultation services by students and their parents.   Please call the counselor for any concerns regarding the well being of your child: Gr. 6, Mrs. Salen;

Gr. 7, Mr. Rodriguez; Gr. 8, Mrs. Kern.


Daily Planner and Notification to Parents

The student is required to record homework assignments and other daily reminders in his/her daily planner. In addition, papers are sent home periodically by teachers to keep parents informed of student progress. Please sign these papers and return them with your child the following school day. Parents should contact the child’s teacher by phone or by writing a note in the child’s planner if they are not receiving papers to be signed. Please check your child’s planner every day.


Delayed Openings/Closings of School

Be sure to listen to the radio or TV for information regarding delayed openings or closings of school or go on the WFMZ website, http://www.wfmz.com . A message will be sent to your designated primary phone number through the BASD ParentLink system and will also be posted on the BASD website, https://www.beth.k12.pa.us. These websites are updated promptly, and will eliminate the need to contact the school. All early morning student activities are canceled on days of delayed openings. All after-school and evening school district events are automatically canceled on days when schools are closed for emergencies or when schools are dismissed early due to inclement weather.


Disciplinary Standards A student placed on in-house or out-of-school suspension may not represent the school in a performance or competition during the suspension.   A student may neither practice for school sponsored activities nor attend them during the period of the in-house or out-of-school suspension. Students are not allowed on school property during an out-of-school suspension.


Dress Code The BASD student dress policy begins by stating that students are not permitted to wear revealing clothing which offends the sense of common decency as judged by those entrusted with providing a positive school environment. Some prohibited items which may not be worn inside the school are hats, coats/jackets, pajamas, crop tops, camis, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, see-through clothing and gang-related items. Appropriate footwear is also required for safety concerns. Please refer to the dress code in the Student Code of Conduct for more information.


Excusals/Appointments A note from a parent is required to excuse a student from any school activity, including gym. A doctor’s note is required for any excuse covering more than three days. If your child must be excused during the school day to attend a doctor’s appointment, please send in a note with your child stating the time he or she will be picked up by a parent in the Student Services Office. The student must also bring a note from the doctor’s office upon his/her return. We ask that you do not schedule any student pick up between the hours of 2:45 PM – 3:05 PM.


Extracurricular Activities

An extracurricular activity shall be defined as any and all student organizations and activities which meet in the name of Northeast Middle School and are not part of the regular school curriculum. This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following: academic activities; athletic teams (varsity sports, cheerleaders, intramural tournaments); music organizations (bands, choruses, auxiliary marching unit); student council, and theater.

It is our hope that a student can fully participate in as many activities as he/she wants, and to which he/she makes a meaningful contribution.   Due to conflicting schedules for different activities, however, it may be impossible for a child to be in two activities that meet at the same time. The advisors of the activities may at their discretion be willing to make arrangements for alternate participation dates; however, if the activity is one for which a team depends on the student, the student will have to make a choice to participate in only one of the conflicting activities.

In keeping with the PIAA standards of academics, all organized sports, clubs, and units will be held to the same standard of academic excellence. Students with two or more F’s will not be eligible to participate in the programs. This includes practices, performances, games, and trips.



Extra-Help Sessions

Teachers are available from 3:05PM to 3:25PM to assist your child with extra help, unless they are assigned to attend a meeting or appointment.


GYM CLOTHES ARE REQUIRED FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES. These consist of sneakers, shorts or warm-ups, and a shirt. The clothes worn as gym clothes should not be worn in other classes during the school day.

Homeroom Period – Advisor /Advisee

This time period is provided once per day for students at Northeast, and it provides each student with at least one adult in the school who knows him or her well, takes attendance and helps start students off in an organized successful manner.   These Advisors or homeroom teachers are responsible for assisting each of their students to become the best possible students and persons they can be. In addition each advisor will be available to assist and support his/her students in a variety of areas:


  1. Guide and encourage the students in taking

advantage of school programs and services such

as extra-curricular activities, use of the library,

tutoring,   etc.

  1. Provide positive direction for students experiencing

difficulty or confusion.

  1. And finally to support and encourage students in

achieving academic success including consulting

with the counselor, teacher(s), and

parents/guardians whenever appropriate.


Homework The Bethlehem Area School District School Board policy states that, Homework is expected to be completed by students outside the school day and may account for as much as 10-25% of the student’s quarterly report card grade. Please make time in your busy schedule to provide an atmosphere which is conducive for your child to study and help him/her schedule and implement study time.

How to get Homework Assignments if a student is ill:


  • If the student is absent one or two days, the parents or student must make arrangements for a friend to inform the absent student of the homework assignment or contact the student’s teachers via email and/or phone message.


  • Call your child’s guidance counselor requesting homework, if your child has an extended illness of 3 or more days.


  • Teachers must be a given a full 24-hour notice in order to compile assignments and materials for a student’s extended absence.
  • Parents or designee of parents must report to the Student Services Office on the ground level to pick up the assignments at an appointed time which has been arranged with the teacher or counselor.


Hornet Rewards Throughout the year Northeast Middle School provides incentive activities for students who have complied with the Hornet rules and academic requirements.   The Hornet Be Expectations are:


1) Be respectful

2) Be responsible

3) Be safe

4) Be all you can be


Laptop Use Policy   Students are to obey all district, school and class policies concerning the use and function of the laptops. This includes the BASD Internet Driver’s License, BASD Code of Conduct, and the laptop use policy. Simply stated, the intended use of the laptops is for educational purposes as directed by classroom teachers. All other use, downloading, accessing other accounts or defacing is prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly. Laptops may not be taken home.


Lockers A locker and secret combination is given to each student. No one is allowed to put things in another person’s locker.   If a problem arises with a locker, please direct your child to ask his teacher, not a peer, for help. Padlocks are not allowed.


Lost And Found Lost items are given to the Student Services Office on the ground level and stored in Lost and Found. Students who have lost any item, article of clothing, etc., may check with the head custodian as well as the Student Services Office for their lost item. All unclaimed items are given to an agency immediately at the end of the school year.

Lost/Damaged Books Charges will be made for lost books, damaged books, and damage to school property. Parents will be notified.


Medications A NOTE FROM A DOCTOR IS REQUIRED IF STUDENTS ARE TO TAKE ANY FORM OF MEDICATION DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Current, prescribed medications will be kept in the health room, and forms are available to authorize students to take prescribed medication.

No student is permitted to carry any type of medication in school or on school trips. Although the nurse is permitted to distribute OTC drugs, a parent is personally required to administer specific medications to his child during the school day. Questions? Call the nurse.




Mid-Quarter Alert/ Interim Progress Reports

These reports are available through the Parent Access Center accessed via the BASD website.


Office Detention is a consequence that is assigned to the student by an administrator, and for which there is a written referral/notification. It is the responsibility of the student to give the written referral/notification to the parent. Students are given 24 hours advance notice if they are required to meet the guidance counselor or attend detention before school.   If the child is absent on the day detention is assigned, the student will be rescheduled by the office on the day the student returns.


Office detention is from 7:30AM – 8:05AM. If assigned a detention, the following expectations apply:

Report by 7:30AM

No talking

No eating

No drinks

Not permitted to use electronic devices; cell phones,

PDA’s, iPods, MP3 players, computers, etc.

Disruptive behavior results in more detentions

Some actions of students will most probably lead to suspension and/or arrest. These include: arson, deliberately hurting another student, continuous disruption of the teaching/learning process, insubordination, leaving school grounds without permission, smoking, possession of tobacco, weapon, or illegal substance, striking a staff member, swearing at a staff member, harassment, and/or threats to a staff member.


Parent Organization The Northeast Parent & Teacher Organization (NEPTO) advises the school’s administrators. If you are interested in being a part of this group, you may attend any of the monthly meetings, or call the Principal’s Secretary who will place you in contact with a NEPTO officer.

P.B.I.S. is a school-wide system of support that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and

supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. It is focused on developing systems of support that make problem behavior less effective, efficient, and relevant and desired behavior more functional. The purpose of the philosophy is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.


In the past, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. The implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently, and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective.

Pick up Student A parent or legal guardian must pick up a student in the Student Services Office on the ground level whenever the student must leave during   the school day. The parent or legal guardian must sign the student out of school. We ask that you do not schedule any student pick up between the hours of 2:45 PM – 3:05 PM.


Planners and Textbooks Your child is given textbooks and a personal planner. Students

are expected to bring these items and a pencil and paper to each class, each day without fail. If textbooks or library books are lost, the child must pay the market replacement cost for each book. Replacement planners cost $6.00.


Privilege Denial During the school year, activities which are presented to the students for pleasure are based upon appropriate student behavior and academic cooperation. Students who have not displayed these requirements are placed on privilege denial, although they cannot attend the activity, they have the ability to earn their privilege back.


Privilege Denial – Dances Attending school dances is regarded as a privilege, not an entitlement. Within a specific period before the dance (four weeks before), any suspension, or detention earned for being late-to-class and/or late-to-school 3 or more times will prevent students from being eligible to attend. Students will also be ineligible for dances if their classroom behavior is inappropriate or they have failing grades. Inappropriate behaviors at a dance cause students not to be welcomed back at the next dance.


Retention Policy The policy of the Bethlehem Area School District is as follows: Students who earn a final grade of “F” in three or more academic courses will be eligible to be retained in their current grade level. Students who earn a final grade of “F” in two academic courses will be required to attend and pass a district-wide summer school program.


Sick Children Parents will be called to pick up sick children. The Health Room is to be used for emergencies that occur at school. Parents must pick up students at the Student Services Office on the ground level.


Six-Day Cycle All BASD middle schools follow a six-day cycle. Only student instructional days are counted in a six-day cycle; holidays and snow days are never included. For example, if what would be Day Three is a holiday (or snow day), the next actual day of instruction is designated as Day Three.




Spirit Days Throughout the year, the entire school participates in an activity as decided by a committee of teachers and students to encourage school pride while contributing to our community needs. Activities such as Green and White Day and Sports Day encourage school unity while contributing to a community group. All activities are in compliance with the code of conduct.


Sports Interscholastic sports (grades 7 and 8) are available to all students. Football, co-ed soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball, cross country, girls volleyball, girls softball and girls field hockey are the competitive sports between middle schools. PIAA rules apply to all interscholastic sports. Intramural sports are offered to students (grades 6, 7, and 8) through our after-school program.

Student Code-of-Conduct is in place for all students in the Bethlehem Area School District during every school function and event.


Teacher Rewards Teachers give a variety of incentives to encourage students to continue their success.


Telephones Students may use the school telephones for EMERGENCIES only. Permission must be obtained from your child’s teacher or a teacher on his team to use the phone in the classroom.   Parents and students should have a plan for after school and inclement weather situations which does not require using the school phone. Please do not ask the school secretaries to relay messages to your child unless it is an absolute emergency. Calls made to the offices close to dismissal time may not get relayed to the student before he or she is dismissed, so please be sure your child is aware of any after school transportation arrangements.






Transportation We strongly encourage students to walk to school unless a bus has been assigned to them. Parents are requested to drop off students in the student drop-off area located in the parking lot by the cafeteria. For the safety of our children, NO CARS are to use the bus channel in the front of the building from 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM and from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM. Also, when visiting the school, cars must be parked in a designated parking space in the parking lot or on the street. Cars may not be parked in the bus channels or driveways.


Unauthorized Items are prohibited by the Code-of-Conduct. STUDENTS MAY NOT BRING TOYS, RADIOS, CD PLAYERS, SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES, AND OTHER PLAYTHINGS TO SCHOOL. These items will be confiscated and parents will need to

come to school for these items or the item will not

be returned until the end of the school year.


Visitors, Parents, and Guardians are welcome to visit the school or teacher at any time with an appointment. Visitations will not occur while the teacher is teaching unless approved by the Principal. Assisting the teacher must be arranged directly with the teacher. All visitors should report to the appropriate office: Student Services on the ground level; and registration, testing, and withdrawals on the main level. Unless attending a public performance, ALL VISITORS MUST WEAR A VISITOR’S PASS WHILE IN THE BUILDING.


Website: www-ne.beth.k12.pa.us

features daily updated information. The school events calendar is found on the school website.


Withdraw a Child A parent or guardian must notify the office three days before a student is being withdrawn from school. Please contact Mrs. Rodriguez in the Main Office, second floor.