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The Early College Dual Enrollment Program provides BASD students with the opportunity to complete coursework at a post-secondary institution during their high school careers. The Foundation for the BASD, in partnership with BASD and Northampton Community College, EITC funding would support low-income BASD students with dual enrollment tuition. Participation in dual enrollment programs are correlated with higher rates of graduation, college attendance, and more. In addition, research has found that dual enrollment programs lead to higher degree attainment for low-income students.

BASD students who desire to take college course(s) at Northampton Community College must have the course preapproved by the student’s Guidance Counselor and Principal. A college course is not intended to replace a required high school course, instead it will satisfy a high school elective credit.

Early College Dual Enrollment provides students access to affordable, rigorous college-level coursework and college credits. The program, which occurs through e-learning and on-campus, helps ease the transition from high school to college enhancing college readiness skills for students. Dual credit initiatives allow students to receive both high school and college credit with successful completion.

The Early College Dual Enrollment program enhances the academic program of the public school enriching the learning experience for students. The college course(s) grade and credit will be reported on the high school transcript, however it will not count towards the student’s GPA, Honor Roll, or Academic Award.