Communications (Media) Cluster



CREATIVE WRITING (EN9019) 1.0 credit

Creative Writing is designed to develop and encourage the creative and imaginative aspects of writing.  Students will read, critique, and write using a variety of genres including forms of poetry, short fiction, and play/script writing. Emphasis is on student-generated writing projects. Final goal is to publish in approved forums. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (EN9049) 0.5 credit

Public Speaking helps students prepare for various speaking situations. Students are guided toward the creative development of speaking forms: process, persuasive, and informational. Additional skills emphasized include planning, preparing, and presenting a speech, the incorporation of technology, and critical evaluation.


This course will provide students with the necessary skills and supports for career-based public speaking and presentations, including methods of gathering and presenting information for a variety of audiences. Special emphasis will be placed on providing supports for students conducting field studies and capstone projects in all subject areas and career pathways.


Introduction to Communication and Public Relations explores the fundamentals of various applications of persuasive and public relations techniques to forms of written and oral communications. Some forms covered will be press releases, media kits, sales and promotional pieces, newsletters and related formats. Students will apply problem-solving skills and public relations principles to real-world projects and assignments. In addition, students will learn how to promote a product, brand, or event through effective communication campaigns.


In this course, students will explore the communications/media field by examining the various roles and responsibilities of the media as well as career options. Students will study key topics such as: videography, animation/graphics, editing, reporting and writing, storyboarding, verbal communication, social media and digital strategies.

JOURNALISM (EN9039) 1.0 credit

This course is designed for students interested in learning the basics of journalism as well as for advanced students who want to expand their skills into the areas of arts and entertainment writing, sports reporting, and editorial writing. Students will also learn how to research and write editorials as well as the fundamentals of photojournalism. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.


Students taking Broadcast Journalism will learn to write copy for and report both news and feature stories. This course exposes students to the process of live television production.  Students will learn to operate a studio camera and use angles, shot length, movement and other techniques to create an interesting news story.  Students will learn the techniques of producing, directing, editing, and anchoring in the studio providing valuable experience in the television industry.   Final Cut Express will be used in this course. Note: This course is in conjunction with the business department and can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.



Principles of Marketing introduces students to the foundations of marketing. The course covers basic marketing concepts such as:  product, place, price and promotion. Other topics to be explored are advertising and sales as well as distribution. The course is project-and-presentation oriented, with application projects designed to coincide with each concept studied.  Careers in marketing are examined after each topic.


Marketing Musikfest is a special course that brings into partnership the Bethlehem Area School District and ArtsQuest.  The course will be real-life exploration of marketing where students will assist ArtsQuest officials in the identification of a Musikfest performer. Using the local entertainment industry as a context, students will learn about target demographics, talent recruitment and selection, branding, event planning and marketing, and event evaluation. Students will develop and implement a marketing plan related to their assigned Musikfest performer. Students will be encouraged to apply available service learning hours to the course as to have a first-hand marketing experience during the August festival. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of subject.

VIDEO EDITING 1 (TE9059) 0.5 credit

This course is designed for students who wish to engage in the creative process of modifying raw video into a finished product. This includes video and sound recording, and how they apply to commercial media presentations. The student will plan, design, and produce, starting from the script and storyboard, multimedia presentations and commercials similar to those used in commercial settings and seen on television.

VIDEO EDITING 2 (TE9069) 1.0 credit

Prerequisite: Video Editing 1 or Broadcasting Journalism

The Video Editing 2 gives students an opportunity to continue to develop their video editing skills and learn professional video editing software. The student will learn real production techniques in actual filming situations. They will learn camera and lighting skills and advanced post-production editing techniques using computer software programs. Special video projects that enhance the BASD community will be developed. This course may be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of subject.


This is a beginning course designed to give students an in-depth introduction and well-grounded understanding of the digital media way of thinking, opportunities in the field, various tools, and introduction to development techniques. Utilizing industry standard software from the Adobe Creative Suites, students will take a hands-on approach to explore the power of both print and digital design. Students will apply the principles of typography, the basic elements of design, and color theory to develop documents, which combine text, graphics, color, and photographs on a printed page for personal and business use using Adobe InDesign. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of Adobe Photoshop where they will learn basic Photoshop techniques for image development.

WEB PAGE DESIGN (TE9149) 0.5 credit

Students will learn the basics of creating web pages using the HTML 5 programming language. The evaluation of existing web sites will also be stressed to better understand the components of an outstanding web site.

YEARBOOK (TE9119) 1.0 credit

This class manages the annual publication of the yearbook.  Students will be responsible for planning all facets of the yearbook from theme to distribution.  Desktop publishing expertise is highly recommended Digital & Print Design.  Students enrolling in this course should be self motivated, responsible, able to work as part of a team and efficient with personal time management. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.