Industrial Arts

WOODCRAFT 1 (IA9029) 1.0 credit

This course develops a student’s use of simple tools and equipment for the construction of woodcraft projects. There will be an emphasis on the ability to use simple tools, design layout and project completion. This is an introduction to woodworking focusing on the safe and proper use of woodworking tools, power machines, and materials.

WOODCRAFT 2 (IA9039) 1.0 credit

Woodcraft 2 will include a review of skills taught in Woodcraft 1 with further instruction on design and more advanced machine operations. The emphasis will be on planning and construction of fine furniture and cabinetry. Woodcraft 2 will provide the opportunity for the student to further develop and refine his/her skills. There will be ample time for the student to explore advanced methods and procedures utilized in the construction of fine furniture.

STAGE CRAFT (IA9069) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

This class will include sections on set construction, lighting design and installation, sound systems including using microphones, monitor speakers and mixers. Stage craft will have many hands on activities setting up for the many programs and events.

HOME DESIGN AND MODEL BUILDING (IA9059) Offered at Liberty High School  0.5 credit

Students will learn home construction techniques, house framing skills, and explore the architectural design process. Students will create simple models and prototypes using proportion and scale, implement topography, and investigate residential building materials. All work will be done using simple woodworking hand and craft tools.

GRAPHIC ARTS 1 (IA9009) Offered at Liberty High School 0.5 credit

Graphic Arts is a course for the beginning student who would like to explore the fundamentals in basic stenciling, lettering and design, screen printing, air brush illustrations and sign making.

GRAPHICS ARTS 2 (IA9019) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

This is an advanced course where a student will work independently and continue to explore and refine fundamentals in the areas of multiple color screen printing, block printing, technical airbrush illustrations, scroll saw art, engraving, wood carving, sign making, and laser cutting. To be successful, it is required students complete and pass Graphic Arts 1 before taking Graphic Arts 2.