Community Service

COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                              0.5 credit = 60 hours

For more information regarding community service, please visit the community service page on the BASD website.

The BASD Community Service Program provides students with the opportunity to explore careers, develop leadership skills, acquire life skills, as well as foster community participation and responsible citizenship through 60 hours of service. This opportunity provides invaluable experience for students, regardless of their future plans.

Once 60 hours of Community Service at a non-profit agency has been completed, the student will be awarded .5 credit towards graduation. This is a mandatory requirement for graduation. All students have until the 2nd Friday in April of their Senior Year to complete and submit their hours to meet this requirement. Students who choose to do more than 135 hours have the opportunity to earn the Silver Cord Graduation Award.

It is strongly recommended that the student completes 15 hours of Community Service each year to meet the requirement. Additionally, please note that hours must be completed at a non-profit agency. A list of over 200 agencies is provided to students in our database located under “Community Service Blog” on the website.  If it is not listed on the website, a student must submit a Request to Volunteer form prior to volunteering.

Students may begin earning hours the summer between 8th and 9th grade. A maximum of 30 hours will be credited towards the 60-hour requirement.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin and complete their Community Service hours as early as possible as it will help them to guide their choices in regards to courses, colleges, and career paths.