Dual Enrollment & Honors Scholars Program


BASD students have the opportunity to complete coursework at a post-secondary institution during their high school careers. The following guidelines apply to students taking college/university courses:

  1. The course is pre-approved by the student’s Guidance Counselor and Principal. A college course is not intended to replace a required high school course.
  2. The college course will satisfy a HS elective credit, under special circumstances pre-approved specifically by the Principal and Assistant Superintendent, the college course may replace a required HS course.
  3. The student assumes the cost/payment for the course. The student should furnish a college transcript or grade report to his/her counselor shortly after completion of the college course.
  4. The grade and credit is reported on the high school transcript. Any grades of “D” will be reported as a “P” on the student’s transcript.
  5. A 0 credit college course will count as 1.0 high school credit. The grade is inputted on the transcript with the college name and the grade the student earned.
  6. The college course grade will NOT count for GPA, Honor Roll, or Academic Award



Our local colleges, Lehigh University, Moravian College, DeSales University, and Lafayette College offer scholarship programs to qualifying seniors each year.  This opportunity is by application and successful candidacy offered by the college.  This program allows students to earn college credit while attending high school.