Course Selection Process

Counselors begin the Course Selection process in early December with current 8th through 11th grade students. Completion of this process occurs in late February. In May, students will receive a Course Verification Sheet listing the courses chosen during course selection and the core courses recommended by teachers for the next school year.   Students and Parents/Guardians are encouraged to carefully review the course requests and recommendations and contact the guidance counselor with questions or changes.  Requests for changes to student course requests and recommendations must be received by the student’s counselor by May 31st.

Course Selection Process and Timeline

Important DatesCourse Selection and Student Scheduling Events
December 1-February 28Students select their courses for the following school year with the input of their teachers and the guidance of their counselor
March 1-June 30Administrators develop and plan the building master schedule
AprilCourse request verifications are mailed home. Students and parents should review the courses that the student selected for the following school year and contact his/her guidance counselor with any changes by May 31st
May 31stDeadline for changes to student course requests must be emailed to the guidance counselor
Mid-JulyPreliminary student schedules are mailed home to students
Mid-AugustDeadline for schedule change request (an exact date will be listed on the mailed student schedule)
Start of the school yearIf a student would like to request a schedule change, the student must use the drop/add form and process after the school year begins

After the May deadline, students will receive their schedule for the next school year.  The schedule must be reviewed by the student and parent for accuracy such as:

  • Does the schedule include all required core courses for that year (English, Math, Science, etc)?
  • Are the levels of the core course accurate (i.e., AP vs Honors)?
  • Is the schedule complete (there is a course every period)?
  • Were you scheduled for your priority electives?
  • Is the schedule balanced (i.e., no more than two core courses per semester)?
  • Has the student’s passion or purpose changed?
  • Is the course no longer aligned to their post-secondary goals?

Requests should be submitted to the student’s counselor via email. Requests made by the deadline will be considered and processed prior to the start of school.

Schedule planning can only take place when the school can consider the course selection of students final and binding. If a student selects a course, they are expected to complete it.

Any student who has not successfully completed any core course and has not completed remediation programs will not enter the next level of the course of study.