Family and Consumer Sciences


A course designed to introduce students to child development and childcare concepts and investigates the rewards and responsibilities of parenting. Human development from conception to age three is discussed. Course content focuses on understanding the physical, emotional, and intellectual development with practical application to ensure that knowledge is put to good use. Students also learn how parents and other caregivers can nurture, encourage, and stimulate children’s growth in all areas of development.


If you enjoy working with children or want to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education, this is the course for you. This program provides an opportunity to study the development of children three through five years old. The student will participate in observing, interacting, planning activities and teaching in a lab preschool program. Administration reserves the right to deny enrollment due to behavioral issues. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.

FOODS AND YOU (FC9009) 1.0 credit

Nutrition is the emphasis of the Foods and You class. Develop your food preparation skills, learn how to select food, plan healthy meals, and work safely and sanitarily in the kitchen. Become familiar with healthy choices as you prepare foods from each food group. Compare foods and ingredients and learn to fit them into a well-balanced diet.

AMERICAN COOKERY (FC9019) 0.5 credit

Explore how and why particular foods become a part of cuisine in various regions of the United States through sample menus and dishes. Your food preparation skills will be expanded as you prepare dishes and menus representative of United States regional cookery.


This course explores different styles and methods of food preparation from various countries. Social customs, geography, climate, and economic influences that affect food choices will be included. Your vocabulary of ethnic cooking terms and your food preparation skills will be expanded as you prepare dishes and meals from around the world.

CLOTHING CREATION (FC9069) Offered at Freedom High School 0.5 credit

This course is for someone who never sewed before or someone who is a beginner. Learn about color coordination, natural and synthetic fibers, sewing vocabulary, and how to read a pattern. Learn basic hand sewing and machine sewing techniques. Create your own garment in an easy, step-by-step process.

 INTERIOR DESIGN (FC9059) Offered at Freedom High School 0.5 credit

Planning a career in Interior Design? Renting your first apartment? Design in Interiors teaches home design, floor plan studies, furniture balance, color usage, floor and window treatments and furniture qualities. Learn how to design unique floor and wall surfaces. Create appealing rooms with very little money. Have fun creating a makeover for your own room or creating a “dream” room.


This 9 week course provides a detailed overview of the inner workings of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The course would include: restaurant management, accommodations, travel and tourism. This class will focus on career ready application of inventory management, budgets, crisis management and current trends in the industry. This introductory course will give students the opportunity to explore and engage in a 1.1 trillion dollar industry.