Fine and Practical Arts electives are designed to aid the student in becoming a well-rounded individual.  The curriculum is developed to be of interest to all students, regardless of talent, and encourages active participation in the classroom.  The experiences resulting from participation stimulate the growth of the student, create an awareness and appreciation for the Arts as a universal enrichment medium, and develop the student physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Fine and Practical Arts play an important role in the development of the whole student.  Music, Art, Family Consumer Science, and Industrial Arts contribute to personal development, expression, creativity, and basic skills necessary for every student.


STUDIO ART 1 (AR9009) 1.0 credit

This is an introductory course. This course is devoted to teaching the different techniques of drawing and painting through the use of the elements of art: line, shape, value, form, space, color, and texture. Students will be introduced to the principles of design. Art history will be used to develop criticism and aesthetic judgment skills. Students will be responsible for course terminology, class projects, homework assignments, and a sketchbook. Evaluation is based on creativity, craftsmanship and fulfilling objectives of studio work. Artwork will be exhibited.

STUDIO ART 2 (AR9019) 1.0 credit

Studio Art 2 is an in-depth study of the principles of design-rhythm, movement, balance, proportion, variety, unity, and emphasis. Students will explore both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media to create a variety of visual experiences. Art history, criticism and aesthetics will be emphasized. Students will be responsible for vocabulary, studio work, homework assignments and a sketchbook. Evaluation is based on creativity, craftsmanship, and fulfilling objectives of class projects. Artwork will be exhibited. To be successful, it is recommended students complete Studio Art 1 before taking Studio Art 2.

CERAMICS 1 (AR9059) 1.0 credit

This introductory program gives students the opportunity to learn basic hand-building processes in working with clay.  The following four methods will be emphasized:  pinch pot, coil slab, and potter’s wheel. In addition to learning to form clay articles, students will learn to glaze the finished product.

CERAMICS 2 (AR9069) 1.0 credit

Ceramics 2 is for students working beyond their prior experience in shaping, glazing, and using the potter’s wheel. To be successful, it is recommended students complete Ceramics 1 before taking Ceramics 2. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.

PHOTOGRAPHY 1 (AR9039)1.0 credit

This course is a beginning course that covers the history of photography, basic design, and composition, intro to lighting and the darkroom. Pinhole cameras, photograms, basic camera parts, and functions are explored and students are assigned shooting projects incorporating these techniques. Basic editing and digital editing are also covered. Students are encouraged to obtain a 35mm film loadable camera that will require black and white film.

PHOTOGRAPHY 2 (AR9049) 1.0 credit

This course is for the student who wants to explore photography further and learn more about advanced Black and White darkroom techniques, how to use filters, dodging and burning, push process film and other alternative darkroom techniques. Advanced digital editing and shooting techniques are also covered. This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject. To be successful, it is recommended students complete Photography 1 before taking Photography 2. Note: This course can be taken multiple times for advanced study of the subject.

3-D DESIGN 1 (AR9079) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

Students will be introduced to the two types of sculpture: relief and sculpture in the round.  They will work with a variety of materials such as wire, plastic, cardboard, paper, fibers, and glass.  Students will demonstrate how design is used in both artistic and practical applications.

3-D DESIGN 2 (AR9089) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

Students will continue their exploration of materials to create sculptural works of art.  Emphasis will be placed on refining skills and applying good design. This course can be taken multiple times for the advanced study of the subject.


Prerequisite: This is a capstone course. A minimum of level 1 and 2 courses are required.

This course is designed for students seeking to enter college-level art programs. Young people wishing to explore their talents and learn about careers in art and students seeking self-development and personal enrichment are encouraged to enroll in this course. Assistance with college entrance requirements and portfolio preparation is provided. Ultimately students will produce a portfolio of 15-20 examples of art in the student’s area of focus. Evaluation is based on the presentation of portfolio. Note: Students are expected to secure their own portfolio case; the school will not supply. This course can be taken multiple times for the advanced study of the subject.


WOODCRAFT 1 (IA9029) 1.0 credit

This course develops a student’s use of simple tools and equipment for the construction of woodcraft projects. There will be an emphasis on the ability to use simple tools, design layout, and project completion. This is an introduction to woodworking focusing on the safe and proper use of woodworking tools, power machines, and materials.

WOODCRAFT 2 (IA9039) 1.0 credit

Woodcraft 2 will include a review of skills taught in Woodcraft 1 with further instruction on design and more advanced machine operations. The emphasis will be on the planning and construction of fine furniture and cabinetry. Woodcraft 2 will provide an opportunity for the student to further develop and refine his/her skills. There will be ample time for the student to explore advanced methods and procedures utilized in the construction of fine furniture.

STAGE CRAFT (IA9069) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

This class will include sections on set construction, lighting design, and installation, sound systems including using microphones, monitor speakers and mixers. Stagecraft will have many hands-on activities set up for the many programs and events.

HOME DESIGN AND MODEL BUILDING (IA9059) Offered at Liberty High School  0.5 credit

Students will learn basic home construction techniques and house framing skills through the use of hands-on home model building work.  Emphasis will be placed on determining the correct lumber and types for construction, as well as the other building materials that go into every house-building project.  All work will be done using simple woodworking hand and craft tools.

GRAPHIC ARTS 1 (IA9009) Offered at Liberty High School 0.5 credit

Graphic Arts is a basic course for the beginning student who would like to explore the fundamentals in basic stenciling, lettering and design, badge production, one color screen printing, airbrush illustrations, and desktop composition.

GRAPHICS ARTS 2 (IA9019) Offered at Liberty High School 1.0 credit

This is an advanced course where a student will work independently and continue to explore and refine fundamentals in the areas of multiple color screen printing, photo screen printing, technical airbrush illustrations, desktop composition, and offset press productions.