Drop/Add Policy

The following guidelines exist for schedule changes requested after the start of school:

  1. This process is only for academic courses in English, Social Studies, Science, Math, World Language and other courses deemed appropriate by the principal.
  2. The Drop/Add Process and Form must be completed by the student. Forms are available from the teacher.
  3. Schedule changes will be considered for valid educational reasons only. Schedule changes will not be made to accommodate requests for lateral moves within the same subject area, lunch period preference, or teacher preference.
  4. The teacher, department chair, parent/guardian, counselor and assistant principal will review the schedule change requests.
  5. Full semester courses will not be dropped after the first 20 instructional days (or 40 days for a year-long course) of class without the W, WP, or WF designation (see explanation below).
  6. Quarter courses (half semester courses) will not be dropped after the first 10 days of class without the W, WP, or WF designation.

Withdrawals from a course will not become part of the student transcript if the course is dropped within the first 20 days of a semester class and within the first 10 days of a quarter course (half semester course).  A “W” (Withdrew) will be recorded after 20 days but prior to the end of the first quarter.  Either a “WP” (Withdraw Passing) or “WF” (Withdraw Failing) will be recorded if the course is dropped after the first marking period of the course, indicating the student’s progress at the time of withdrawal.

A course change must be based upon academic considerations, and be facilitated by a conference/plan developed by the student, teacher, parent/guardian, counselor and administrator to support student success.  This plan may require tutoring, completion of all required work to date, and a sincere demonstration of effort and ability by the student prior to dropping a course or changing the level of a course for all classes in English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and World Language.